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Associated Choirs of Tuscany

Founder Member of FE. N. I. A. R. CO.
Federazione Nazionale Italiana delle Associazioni Regionali Corali
Member of F. E. J. C. - Fédération Européenne Jeunesse Chantant
Member of I. F. C. M. - International Federation of Choral Music

No profit Association that has the purpose::

  1. to valorize on the cultural plan the choral song in his most varied meanings; to stimulate it in all the sectors to qualify it under the didactic profile regarding the persons and the means;
  2. to develop a detailed study on some Tuscan choral music favoring between the in partnership groups, the search, the popularization of the finds exchanges in some respective experiences;
  3. to get and to maintain the position of the choir´s activity in the framework of the cultural primary structures having the right to the recognition and the forehand intervention of the Region and the Local Corporate body;
  4. to be particularly vehicle of choral culture and musical generally, from the qualified centers toward the outskirts and however to promote and to favor the fit initiatives to make accessible such culture;
  5. to coordinate and to address the activity of the in partnership groups, in the respect yet of autonomy and of the characteristics of each of them;
  6. to organize choral concerts in whole Tuscan country for the foreing choirs.

Chairman - General Secretary - Organisations and Positions

Choruses Association of Tuscany
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